Helping Women with Low Sex Drive

Sexual dysfunction and lack of sexual desire can be extremely disheartening for patients. Not only does it create emotional insecurities, it can generate discord in a relationship. Working with a compassionate gynecologist is the first step to determining what is causing the issues. It is important to point out that not every woman who suffers from a lack of sexual drive actually has hypoactive sexual disorder. There are many factors that can cause this issue.

Libido, or sex drive, is multi-factorial. Fatigue, discomfort or pain with intercourse, or issues with orgasm can be addressed with your gynecologist. Other factors can include general health, relationship issues, and being stressed or overextended.

Even when all these factors seem fine, a woman can have a low [female] testosterone level. This can be checked with blood work, and addressed with medication.

As health care providers who specialize in women’s health, we are regularly asked if there is anything our patients can do for a decreased libido. In August of 2015, the FDA approved Addyi, a prescription medication that has been shown to be effective in enhancing a woman’s sexual appetite. As exciting as this development might be, it is important to understand that Addyi might not be for everyone.

Another new drug on the market is Vyleesi.  Vyleesi is also for HSDD.  Vyleesi CAN be used on demand, as a subcutaneous injection.  Care must be taken in prescribing for women with high blood pressure, but the most common side effect is nausea.  Each injection should last 3 days.

At Special Care for Women, Dr. Richmond is an expert in sexual issues and decreased libido.  Call today for your appointment, and let Dr. Richmond help YOU!!

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