Medical Questions FAQ


Medical Questions FAQ

Thanks for checking our website! Here are some answers to our most common Frequently Asked Questions for Medical Questions.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

How do I take my medications that have been prescribed? 

Please make sure that while in your doctor’s presence, you ask questions if you are unsure about how to take your medicine. One of our nursing staff members would also be able to help answer your questions about medications.

Our staff members in the Front Office area are not licensed medical professionals, and cannot advice on medical questions.

If you leave your appointment and still have additional questions regarding your prescriptions, please call during office hours and ask to speak with a nurse.

Additionally, your pharmacist may be able to tell you this information and answer questions or concerns about your medications.

What can I do for swelling in my feet? 

Elevate your feet and decrease salt intake.

When will I feel the baby move? 

Usually, you will feel fetal movement at or around 18 weeks gestation.

How do I treat vaginal odor?

Call and make a Gyn Problem type of appointment with Dr. Richmond to have a vaginal culture taken.

What do I do if I have frequency and burning with urination? 

Please make an appointment to leave a urine specimen with us. This will not take long. We want to evaluate you as early as possible to give you the correct treatment.

Call and ask to speak with a nurse to have a same-day Lab appointment.

The Appointment Desk may help you with an appointment for another day.

What if I think I have a yeast infection? 

Call us so we can work you in for an evaluation! At least 60% of all patients that THINK they have a yeast infection often have a different problem. The best way to treat this correctly is to evaluate you.


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