For New Patients FAQ


For New Patients FAQ

Thanks for checking our website! Here are some answers to our most common Frequently Asked Questions for New Patients.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Do you accept new patients? 

Yes! We would be honored to treat you as a patient!

What should I expect at the first visit? 

We want to give you excellent attention. Please arrive 15 minutes before the appointment, since there will be forms to fill out. We will want to verify all insurance, so bring insurance cards for each insurance you possess. We also make a copy of the driver’s license of the patient, whenever applicable. You will need to fill out an initial medical history form, so bring all of your medicines, and any other records you may need, so that Dr. Richmond will have all your correct information.

Can I download my new patient forms and have them filled out? 

Yes, just click here

Do you accept my insurance? 

We accept all major private insurances, such as Blue Cross, United Health Care, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and others, and government insurances such as Medicare, Medicaid, AllKids, Humana, and Tricare. If by some rare chance we do not accept your insurance, and you would like to see Dr. Richmond, please contact us so that we can apply to be on your plan!

Do you accept Medicaid?

Yes. We accept ‘Pregnancy Medicaid.’ Even if you have full Medicaid, you must apply for Pregnancy Medicaid. If you have applied for Medicaid for your current pregnancy, and your last name begins with A-L please call Jennifer Hill: 256-237-2134. For last names M-Z call Kimberly at 256-237-1797. She will then call us and schedule the initial visit for you. We accept ‘Full Medicaid.’ If you have Medicaid and are NOT pregnant, you must know if you have Medicaid Plan First, or FULL Medicaid. Medicaid Plan First only covers FOUR visits per year, to include a yearly exam with pap smear, or birth control problems. We DO accept Plan First as well, but only for those indicated reasons.

Do you see patients without insurance? 

Yes we do. You will need to let the office know the reason for your visit. We will estimate the cost of your visit based on the service we anticipate providing.


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