Ways to Manage Labor Pain

Having a baby is hard work, and most of that work comes in when you’re dealing with labor pain. But don’t panic, there are many ways you can manage the pain, and you don’t even have to choose just one. It’s important to do your homework on different types of pain management, and what types you want to include into your birth plan. Go into labor with a full bag of tricks, and remember to just take a deep breath!

To stay relaxed during labor, it’s important to always remember your breathing. It doesn’t matter what breathing technique you’re using, as long as you’re fully concentrated on it, you should be able to find some relief. Experts also say that making noises can also help which in labor, as it’s another thing to focus on besides the pain.

Moving Around
This method can be a great option if you’re going without any pain medication. Walking, swaying, changing positions, and rolling on a birthing ball can not only help ease pain, but will also help your labor progress.

Water Therapy
Warm water can do wonders when it comes to helping with pain management. Whether you choose to take a warm, relaxing bath, or just want to stand under the hot water in the shower, the hot water will not only help to relax you, but it will massage you as well.

Having your partner massage different parts of your body during labor is understated when it comes to pain management during labor. Massage uses the amount of pressure most women need for relief during labor.

Pain Medication
Pain medication can be given through the IV, and choices of which medicine can be based on the stage of labor. Nitrous oxide, like that given in dental offices, can provide short term relief. Epidurals are very popular, since they try to decrease or eliminate pain in the pelvic region altogether, and are so effective. Any of these options will help give you the relief you want and can help relax you.

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